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Book of the Dead Chapter 50

Source for the composition: before the New Kingdom, chapter 50 occur on the walls of two early Middle Kingdom coffins ('Coffin Texts', number 640).

The following version is that found in the papyrus of Nu (British Museum EA 10477):

iw Ts n.i HA.i m pt irt tA in ra
rdi hrw n smnt Tst
r nnyw Hr mnty
hrw pfy n Hsq sAmt
iw Ts Tst HA.i in stS
psDt m wsr.s tpy n xpr.n Xnnw
swDA.tn (wi) m smAw it.i
ink iT tAwy
Ts Tst HA.i in nwt mAA sp tpy
n mAA.i mAat n ms nTrw aSmw
ink pnty iw.i m iwt nTrw aAw

A knot is tied for me behind me in the sky of the earth by Ra
Made the day of tying the knot
for the tired on their legs
on that day of cutting the tress
Seth ties a knot behind me
With the ennead in its first power, before there was turmoil
Give me health against those who slew my father
I am the seizer of the two lands
Nut ties a know behind me, at the sight of the first time
Before I had seen Maat, before the gods and images were created
I am Penty, I am the lack of the great god


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