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Book of the Dead Chapter 43

The composition is not attested in this form in the Middle Kingdom; it first occurs among other Book of the Dead chapters on the coffin of the king's wife Mentuhotep of the Seventeenth Dynasty. However, its first and second parts do occur separately among the formulae written on the sides of Middle Kingdom coffins (the first part is Coffin Text 390, in the numbering system assigned the coffin formulae by de Buck, and the second part is the end of Coffin Text 304 and beginning of Coffin Text 941).


First part

r n tm rdit Sad.tw tp n N r.f m Xrt-nTr Dd.f
ink wr sA wr nsr sA nsr
rdy n.f tp.f m-xt Sad.tw.f
nn nHm.tw tp.i m-a.i

Second part

iw.i Ts.kwi mA.kwi rnpi.kwi
ink wsir


First part

Formula for preventing the head of N being cut off from him in the underworld. He says:
I am the great one, son of a great one, the flame, son of a flame,
he to whom his head is given after it has been cut off;
my head can never be removed from me.

Second part

I am joined, fresh, young,
I am Osiris.


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