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Book of the Dead Chapter 22


The composition is not attested in the Middle Kingdom; it first occurs among other Book of the Dead chapters on the coffin of the king's wife Mentuhotep of the Seventeenth Dynasty.

The version below follows the partly damaged version in the Book of the Dead of Nu (Lapp 1997: pl.24), completed from various sources by Naville in his standard edition of the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period papyri.

r n rdit r n wsir N n.f m Xrt-nTr
wbn.n.i m swHt imt tA StAw
iw rdi. n.i r.i mdw.i im.f m-bAH nTrw n dwAt
nn xsf.tw a.i m DADAt nt nTr aA
ink wsir nb r-sTAw
nw nty m tp xtyw
ii.n.i ir.n.i mr ib.i m iw nsrsr
axm.i sDt


Formula for giving the mouth of the Osiris N to him in the underworld
I have shone in the egg that is in the land of mysteries,
My mouth has been given to me so that I may speak with it in the presence of the lord of the underworld.
My hand cannot be repelled in the tribunal of the great god.
I am Osiris lord of Rosetau,
that one, who is on top of the terrace.
I have come, and done what my heart wishes in the island of fire,
and I extinguish the flame.


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