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Book of the Dead Chapter 21

The composition exists in the Middle Kingdom, numbered by de Buck as Coffin Text 351.

The version follows the partly damaged version in the Book of the Dead of Nu (Lapp 1997: pl.24), completed from various sources by Naville in his standard edition of the New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period papyri.

r n rdit r n wsir N n.f m Xrt-nTr
i.nD Hr.k nb Ssp xnty Hwt-aAt Hry-tp kkw smAw
ii.n.i xr.k Ax.ti wab.ti
awy.ky HA.k dni.k tpw.k
rdi.k n.i r.i mdw.i im.f
sSm wi ib.i r wnwt.f nbdt grH

Formula for giving the mouth of the Osiris N to him in the underworld
Hail lord of light, foremost of the Great Temple, master of complete darkness,
I have come before you who are transfigured and pure,
your two arms behind you, restraining your uppers,
so that you may give me my mouth for me to speak with it,
and so that my heart may guide me at its evil night hour


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