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Book of the Dead Chapter 156

Source for the composition: not attested before the New Kingdom

The following version is that found in the mid Eighteenth Dynasty Book of the Dead of Nu, a papyrus now preserved in the British Museum (EA 10477):

r n tit n xnmt
snf.t n.t ist Axw.t n.t ist
HkAw.t n.t ist
wDAw m sAw wr pn
sAw ir btA.f
Dd-mdw Hr tit n xnmt iwH.ti m mw nw anx-imy mnx.ti Hr Xty n nh
rdi.ti n Ax r xxy.f hrw n smA tA
ir irw n.f nn wDAw r xxy.f
wnn Axw ist m sA Haw.f Haa Hr sA ist im.f mAA.f sw m sStAw
n wAt r.f
a.f r pt a.f r tA
Ss mAa HH n sp

Formula for a tiyet-knot of jasper
Your blood is yours Isis, your powers of light are yours, Isis.
Your powers of word are yours, Isis.
Amulets are the protection of this great one,
guarding against the one who would inflict his injury.
Words spoken over a tiyet-knot of jasper sprinkled with water of the ankh-imy plant, strung on a fibre of sycamore
and placed at the neck of the blessed dead on the day of burial.
As for anyone at whose neck these amulets are placed,
the powers of Isis will be the protection of his body,
so that Horus son of Isis will rejoice over him when he sees him in secrecy.
No way is against him,
his arm is towards heaven, his arm is towards earth.
A correct matter a million times



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