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Book of the Dead Chapter 155

Source for the composition: not attested before the New Kingdom

The following version is that found in the mid Eighteenth Dynasty Book of the Dead of Nu, a papyrus now preserved in the British Museum (EA 10477):

r n Dd n nbw
Ts.tw wsir di.k tw Hr gs.k di.i mw Xr.k
in.n.i n.k Dd n nbw Hay.k im.f r n Dd n nbw
Dd-mdw Hr Dd n nbw mnxw Hr Xty n nh
rdi n Ax r xxy.f hrw n smA tA
ir ddw n.f wDAw r xxy.f wnn.f m Ax iqr imy Xrt-nTr
hrw n tp rnpt mi imyw-xt wsir
Ss mAa HH n sp

Formula for a djed-pillar of gold
Raise yourself Osiris, to place yourself on your side, so that I may place water under you
I have brought you a djed-pillar of gold so that you may rejoice by it.
Words spoken over a djed-pillar of gold strung on a fibre of sycamore
and placed at the neck of the blessed dead on the day of burial.
Anyone at whose neck this amulet is placed, will be an excellent spirit who is in the necropolis
on the day of the First of the Year like those who are in the following of Osiris
A correct matter a million times



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