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Book of the Dead Chapter 131

Apart from the papyrus of Hepres (UC 71000), chapter 131 is known from two New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) sources, the papyrus of Nu, and the tomb of Amenemhat, steward of the vizier Aamtju. It derives from Coffin Texts 1098, 551 and 779.

r n wnn r-gs ra
ink ra pwy psd m grH
ir s nb nty m Sms.f iw.f anx m Sms n DHwty
di.f xaw n Hr pn m grH
Aw ib n N Dr-ntt.f m wa m-m nw
iw xftyw.f dr m Snyt
ink Smsw n ra Ssp biA.f
ii.n.i xr.k it.i ra
SAs.n.i Sw nis.n.i n wrt tn
dbn.n.i Hw pn aq.n.i wa nbd pwy imy wAt ra
Ax.n.i pH.n.i sr pn r Drw Axt
xsf.i Ssp.i wrt wTs.i bA.k m-xt wsr.kwi
bA.i m nrw.k m SfSft.k
ink wD wD-mdw n ra m pt
i.nD Hr.k nTr aA m iAbt pt hA.i r wiA.k ra
sn.n.i m bik ntry
ink iry wD-mdw iw.n.i m sxm.i
xrp.i m iArt.i
hA.i r wiA.k ra m Htp sqd.i m Htp r imnt nfrt
mdw n.i itm ir aqt nbt mHn pwy m HHw pwy
m HHwy m Aw imy-wrt ta-wr
HH hnhn psdt nbt m-m nn Hr gs.f nb
psS m gsw Dd.i wAt nbt imywtn HHw nb m nn r.f

wAt ra pw m-xt pXxr.sn m-xt HA.f sp sn

Formula for being beside Ra
I am that Ra who shines in the night
Whoever is in his following, lives in the following of Thoth
He makes the appearances of this Horus in the night
N is content for he is one of them
And his enemies are repelled from the entourage
I am a follower of Ra, one who takes up his sky
I have come before you, my father Ra,
I have raced Shu, I have summoned this Great Goddess
I have circled this Hu, and entered alone this dark one in the way of Ra
I have benefited, and reached this noble at the limits of the horizon,
I approach, and take up the Great Goddess, I raise your ba when I am powerful
My ba is in the dread of you, and the majesty of you
I am the issuer of the commands of Ra in the sky
Hail great god in the east of the sky, I descend to your boat O Ra
I have crossed as a divine falcon
I am the maker of commands,
I have come by my power
I direct by my staff
I descend to your boat O Ra
in peace, I sail in peace to the Beautiful West
Atum speaks to me: As for whatever enters this Circle in this million,
In this million in length from prow to stern
the million of waves, every ennead among them on its every side
divided in halves, I say of every way among every million among them,
This is the way of Ra after they circle behind him, doubly so.



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