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Book of the Dead Chapter 105

Chapter 105 is an incantation for sustaining the dead individual with food for eternity.

There are no written sources earlier than the New Kingdom.

The version below comes from the Book of the Dead of Nu, on a papyrus now preserved in the British Museum (EA 10477: Lapp 1997, pl.19-20) - the letter N alone stands for the name of the individual, written out in full in the original manuscripts:

r n sHtp kA n N n.f m Xrt-nTr
i.nD-Hr.k kA.i aHaw.i
mk wi ii.kwi xr.k
xa.kwi wsr.kwi bA.kwi sxm.kwi

in.n.i n.k bd snTr
swab.i Tw im.sn
swab.i ntnt.k im.sn
Ts pwy Dw Dd.n.i
abw pwy Dw ir.n.i

n rdy n.i

Hr-ntt ink wAD pwy

iry xxy n ra
rdy n imyw-Axt
[wAD.i wAD.sn
wAD] kA.i mi sn DfA kA.i mi sn
fA m mxAt
qA mAat r fnd n ra
m h[rw pwy]

[m nHm
.tw] tp.i rmn im
nn ink is irt mAAt msDr sDmw
nn ink is kA n xryt

n pr.Tw r xrw im [..]

Hryw ky Dd
Hryw nwt

Formula for satisfying the ka of N for him in the underworld,
Hail, my ka, my lifetime,

See I am come before you,
I am risen, powerful, ensouled, mighty.
I have brought you natron and incense

so that I may purify you with them,
so that I may purify your fluids with them.

That evil phrase I had spoken,

That evil impurity I had done,

have not been assigned to me,
because I am that greenstone
at the neck of Ra
that is given to those who are in the horizon
[As I flourish, they flourish]
and my ka flourishes like them, my ka is supplied like them.

O lifter on the balance,
may what is Right be as tall as the nose of Ra

on this day,

let not my head be removed and displaced there,
for I am not a seeing eye, a hearing ear,
for I am not a bull of the slaughter-herd
and there are no offerings at the voice there [for?]

the masters another version:
those who are over Nut.


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