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Book of the Dead Chapter 102

Chapter 102 is an incantation for enabling the dead individual to join the sun-god in the sky, and for sustaining the dead individual with food for eternity.

There are no written sources earlier than the New Kingdom, although its components are similar to phrases in the funerary literature of the Middle Kingdom (for the first part, Allen 1974, 232 cites 'Coffin Text' 199a).

The version below is that in the Book of the Dead of Nu, now preserved in the British Museum (BM ESA 10477: Lapp 1996, pl.80); a damaged copy is on the New Kingdom Book of the Dead of Nebetawy, UC 71005:

r n hAt r wiA n ra Dd-mdw in N:
i. wr m wiA.f in wi r wiA.k
xrp.i sqdwt.k m irt.k iptn
nty m ixmw-wrd

bwt.i bwt.i n wnm.i bwt.i
bwt.i pw Hs nn wnm.i sw
Htp kA.i nn xmy im.f
nn ar n.f m awy.i
nn xnd.i Hr.f m Tbwty.i
Hr-ntt t.i m bty HDt

Hnqt.i m it dSr

in sktt anDt in n.i st

wxA dyt dmiw Hr xAt nt bAw iwnw

ianw n.k wr irt.s
m Xnt nt pt
Sns imy tni
smAt iwiw ipn
n gH.i ii.n.i Ds.i
nHm.i nTr pwy m-a nw n irw mn.f mr ipn
iwaw qaH wart pw

ii.n.i psg.i iwa Ts.i qaH sHry.i wart pw

hA sqdwt wD ra

Formula for descending into the boat of Ra, words spoken by N:
O great god who is in his boat, bring me into your boat,

that I may direct your crew in those your tasks,
those who are among the unwearying

My abomination, my abomination, I have not eaten my abomination
excrement is my abomination, I will never eat it.

My ka is content: i will never touch it,
I will never rise to it with my arms,
I will never step on it with my sandals,
because my bread is of white emmer,
and my beer of red barley,

it is the evening and morning boat that bring them to me.

The gifts of the towns are offered on the table of the powers of Iunu.

Hail you who are greatest of their making,

in the sailing of the sky.
A loaf which is in Tjeni,
the union of those dogs.
I have not wearied, I have arrived myself,
to rescue this god from those who would make him suffer those ills,
being (the ills) of innards, arm and thigh.
My arrival means that I spit on the innards, bind the arm, raise the thigh.

The crew boards as Ra commands.


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