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Book of the Dead Chapter 100

Chapter 100 is an incantation for transfiguring the dead individual, making them into an 'excellent spirit'. In Late Period and Ptolemaic Period manuscripts almost the same words are repeated, occurring once before ('Chapter 100') and once after ('Chapter 129') the judgement of the dead soul (=Chapter 125).

There are no written sources earlier than the New Kingdom. The formula is sometimes found as a separate charm written on a small piece of papyrus. This separate identity is implicit in the title for the formula, the first word being mDAt 'book', implying a separate composition.

The version below comes from the Book of the Dead of Nu, on a papyrus now preserved in the British Museum (EA 10477) - the letter N alone stands for the name of the individual, written out in full in the original manuscripts:

mDAt nt siqr Ax
rdit hA.f r wiA n ra Hna imyw-xt.f
Dd-mdw in N DA.n.i bnw r iAbtt wsir r ddw
sn.n.i tpHwt Hap xsr.n.i wAwt n itn
stA.n.i skry Hr tmt.f
smA.n.i m imyw htwt
ink wa im.sn ir.n.i snnw n ist
swsr.n.i Axw.s Ts.n.i aqA
xsf.n.i aApp sHm.n.i nmt.f
rdi.n n.i ra awy.fy nn xsf wi ist.f
wsr.i wsr wDAt Ts pXr

ir dni.ty.fy nb N

dni.f m swHt Hna AbDw

Dd-mdw Hr sSm pn nty m sSw sS Hr Swt wab
m dqr n Hmwt wADt
Sbnw Hr mw nw antyw
rdi n Ax Hr Snbt.f

nn rdit tkn.f m Haw.f

ir Ax nb ir n.f nn

iw.f hA.f r wiA n ra m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb

iw Hsb sw DHwty m prt hAt

m Xrt-hrw nt ra nb

Ss mAa HH n sp

Book for making the spirit excellent,
and enabling him to go down into the boat of Ra with his following.
Words spoken by N: I have ferried the benu-bird to the east, Osiris to Djedu
I have passed the caverns of the Nile Flood, I have separated the ways for the sun-disk.
I have drawn Sokar on his sledge, I have joined with those who are in jubilation.
I am one of them, I have acted as companion to Isis.

I have empowered her words of light, I have bound the rope.
I have repelled Aapep, I have turned back his steps
Ra has given me his hands, his crew will not repel me.

As I am strong, the wedjat-eye is strong, and vice versa.

Anyone who blocks N, is blocked in the egg with the abdju-fish.
Words spoken over this image which is in writing written on fresh papyrus,

with ground green pigment mixed with incense-gum water
and placed at the breast of the blessed dead

to prevent an approach to his body.

As for any spirit for whom this is done,

it can go down to the boat of Ra in the course of every day,
and Thoth count him in coming and going
in the course of every day.

A correct matter a million times


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