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Loyalist Teaching

Transliteration (using A, i, y, a, w, b, p, f, m, n, r, h, H, x, X, s, S, q, k, g, t, T, d, D) with translation

Transliteration after Posener 1976, following the section divisions proposed there.

red: part of the text written in red on original in the manuscript sources



HAt-a m sbAyt irt.n iry-pat HAty-a
it nTr mry nTr
Hry-sStA n pr nswt anx wDA snb
Hry-tp n tA r-Dr.f
sm xrp Sndyt [...]
m sbAyt xr msw.f
Dd.i wrt di.i sDM.tn
di.i rx.tn sxr n nHH
sSr anx n mAa
sbt r imAx

Beginning of the teaching made by the leader of nobility, foremost of action made by a man for his son
father of the god, beloved of the god,
master of secrets of the house of the king, may he live, flourish and be well,
overlord of the land to its limit
sem-priest, controller of the kilted [...]
as a teaching before his children.
Let me say what is great , may you listen,
as I cause you to know the manner of eternity,
a matter of live in truth,
of proceeding to revered status.


dwA nswt m Xnw Xt.tn
snsn Hm.f m ib.tn
imy nrw.f m Xrt-hrw
qmA n.f hnw r tr nb
siA pw imy HAtyw
iw irty.fy Dar.sn Xt nbt
ra pw anx Xr sSm.f
iw nty Xr Swt.f r wr Xrw.f
ra pw mAA stwt.f
sHDw sw tAwy r itn

Praise the king within your bodies
embrace His Agency in your hearts.
Spread awe of him every day
Create rejoicing for him at every moment.
He is the Insight into what is in hearts,
his eyes probe every body.
He is the sun in whose leadership (people) live.
Whoever is under his light will be great in wealth.
He is the sun by whose rays (people) see.
He is the one who brightens the Two Lands, more than the sun-disk.


wbd hh.f r nst n sDt
snw sw At.f r xt
swAD sw r Hap aA
mH.n.f tAwy m xtw n anx
Dbb fndw wAww r nSny
Htpw.f tp.tw TAw.f
dd.f DfAw n nty m Sms.f
sDfA.f mDd mtn.f
iw Hsy.f r nb aAbt
iw rqy.f r iwty.f
iw mrt nswt r imAxy
[...] Snty.f

His heat scorches more than the flame of the torch,
He is more devouring in his moment than fire.
He is more fertile than the great Flood,
he has filled the Two Lands with the trees of life.
Noses are blocked when he falls to raging,
when he is peaceful, people breathe his air.
He grants provisions for anyone in his following,
and supplies the one who treads his paths.
The one he favours will be a lord of offerings,
the one he rejects will be a pauper.
The servant of the king will have revered status,
[...] his opponents (?).


in bAw.f aHA Hr.f
iw Sad .. dd (?) Sfyt.f
rs Hr [...]
[...].tn (?) grg Hr dwAw nfrw.f
wbA.f qmA [...]
[...] mr ib.f
anx pw n dd n.f iAw
iw Snty.f r Xry [...]
iw XAt [...]

It is his power that fights for him
- slaughter (?) is what spreads (?) respect for him.
Watching over [...]
Your (?) [...] is founded upon the praise of his perfection.
He opens up the creation [...]
[...] that his heart desires (?),
It is the life (that comes) of giving him adoration.
His opponents will be beneath [...]
[Their] corpses [...]


kA pw nswt Hw pw r.f
sxpr.f pw m wnt.f
iwat pw n nTr nb
nDty qmA sw
Hww.sn n.f Snty.f
ist Hm.f anx wDA snb m aH.f anx wDA snb
itm pw n Ts wsrwt
iw sA.f r HA dd bAw.f
Xnmw pw n Hr nb
wttw sxpr rxyt
BAst pw xwt tAwy
iw dwA sw r nhw.f
sxmt pw r th m wDt.n.f
iw sfA.f r Xr SmAw.f

Sustenance is the king, Abundance is his word.
He is one who creates in his being.
He is the heir of every god,
the champion of the one who fashioned him.
They strike down his opponents for him.
See His Agency may he live, flourish and be well, is in his palace of life, flourishing, health.
He is Atum at the tying of necks.
His protection is at the back of the giving of his powers.
He is Khnum for every body,
the begetter who brings the populace into being.
He is Bast, she who protects the Two Lands,
he is praised for his sheltering.
He is Sekhmet against the one who transgresses what he has ordered.
The one whom he humbles will be bearer of travels.


aHA Hr rn.f
twr Hr anx.f
Sw.tn m sp n bgsw
iw mrt n nswt r imAxy
nn is n sbi Hr Hm.f
iw XAt.f m qmA n mw
m tni Hr fqAw n dd.f
mAt bit sns HDt.f
swAS wTs sxmty
ir.tn nn wDA Haw.tn
gm.tn st n Dt

Fight on his name
cleanse in his life.
Avoid the instant of sloth.
The servant of the king will have revered status,
but there can be no tomb for one who rebels against His Agency
- his corpse will be something cast into the water.
Do not hold back from the presents of his giving,
revere the Bee, adore his White Crown,
worship the one who raises the Double Crown
As you do this, your bodies will be well,
you can find it (to be so) for eternity.


aq m tA m dd nswt
Htp Hr st n Dt
Xnmt tpHt imy nHH
iwnn msw.tn Xr mrt.tn
iwat.tn mn Hr nst.tn
sn qd.i m wn mdwt.i
smnx tp-rd ir.n.i

Enter the land by the gift of the king
content in the place of eternity,
united with the cavern of the one within everlasting time,
with the shrine of your children bearing your love,
and your heirs established in your positions.
Copy my form, do not neglect my words.
Put into effect the rule I have drawn up.


ix Dd.tn n Xrdw.tn
iw r sbA Dr rk ra
ink sAH n sDm n.f
aq.n nb.f m sArt.f
m snn qd.i m stn Hr biAt.i
Sw.tn m sp bAgw
iw sA sDm r iwty Dwt.f
n mar.n sxr nb im.f

Speak then to your children
for the word has taught since the time of Ra.
I am a noble to be heard,
whose lord has entered his reflections.
Do not pass by my form, do not stray from my talent.
Avoid the instant of sloth;
a son who hears will be without any evils.
Does not every plan succeed by it?


Hsy.tn nn m-xt rnpt
rwd iry m sAH-tA
ky sp n sTAt ib.tn
m Ax.tw im.s xr Hmw.tn
Hn m rmT sAq wnDwt.tn
TAr.tn Hr Hm n iryw
in rmT sxpr nty
anx.tw imy m awy.sn
gAy.tw r.f sxm m SwAw

You will be praising this after years -
Faithfulness to them assures success.
Another theme to guide your hearts,
as something to good effect before your workers:
be commanding with people, collect your staff together,
and fasten on the Agency of those who do.
It is people who bring what there is into being.
We live as men who have by their labour.
If there is a lack of it, poverty takes power.


iAt pw irt DfAw
Sw pr.f tf sntt.f
iw xrw.sn smn inbw
nb aSAt pw sDr r Ssp
nn wn qd n waty
n hAb.n.tw mAi m wpt
nn idr DdH sw r inbt
iw xrw.f mi ib HA Sdyt
[..] r.f r wnmw

It is positions that produce offerings
The one whose house is empty, his foundation wavers
- their voices strengthen the walls.
The man who sleeps till dawn is the lord of a multitude;
there can be no sleep for the lone man.
A lion is not sent on a mission,
there is no cow that can be tied to the wall
- its voice would be like someone thirsty behind a well,
[...] more than fattened birds.


Abb.tw Hap gmm.tw st
nn AHt skAt xpr sy Ds.s
wrw wnn [...] a
in DdH Hw wSbw
in mni [...]
[...] awt aSAt nn Drw.sn
iAwt [...] n nTr
ir apr im st spd Hr
m sAt aHwty Hr bAkw
aby.f gm.f n.k sw nri
ir anx.f awy.fy
wS.k sw kA.f r SmAw

(People) desire the flood, and they find it,
but there is no field for ploughing that creates itself.
The herd is large when the herdsman (?) [...]
- it is the tethered bull that strikes the dueller.
It is ... [...]
[...] of many flocks without number,
the positions [...] of the god
Anyone who is experienced in it, is keen-sighted.
Do not overwhelm the field-labourer with work.
A man who complains, does he return to you next year?
If he is alive, there are (?) his arms,
but if you flay him, his thoughts turn to homelessness.


nHb bAkw r DAwt Sma
[...] pw Hr ib n nTr
nn sp n aHa n isfty
n gm.n mswt.f wDAt.f
ir sfn pHwy anx.f
nn wn msw.f tkn ib
iw mrt n sn Hr.f
nn iwa n tff HAty
wr Sfyt nt nb xrt
aSA xrw isft Hr ib

Fix the produce-levy according to the grain harvest
A [...] man is [...] on the heart of the god.
There can be no opportunity for riches for an evil man;
His children do not find his residue.
The hard man causes the end of his life;
his children will not be devotees.
Affection will be for the one who passes him;
there can be no heir for the mean-spirited.
A lord of followers is great in respect
The loud-mouthed is an evil on the heart..


in Dw xba iAt.f
grg niwt n mryty
mnw pw n s wAH-ib
Ax gr [...]
[...] xmt n iyt
ann sw sxm sHnn
sfn qmA.n.f idt
mniw Dwt and idr.f

It is the evil man who destroys his home ground,
and the loved man for whom a city is founded.
Patience is the monument of a man
- silence is good for (?) [...].
[...] foresee what has not come.
The man with power in a task turns about.
Does the cow reproduce for the hard man?
A herdsman of evil brings misery to his cattle.


aHA Hr rmt m Ss nb
awt pw Axt n nb.sn
ntsn pw gmm anx.tw im.s
Ax st r-sy n smAyt tA
mAA.tn n [...]w
sTs tp.tn Hr Hmw-kA.tn
bAgsw sA mnw n wab
iAm pw Ddw n.f iwa
bs sAH nis Hr rn.f
[...] Ax in Sb [...]
Hr-ntt Ax n irr r irw n.f
in smw mkk Hry tA

Fight for people in every way
- they are the flock that is good for their lord.
It is they who find what one lives on,
so they are good too for burial.
See ... [...]
Watch over your ka-priests;
if the son is lazy, there is still the pure-priest.
The one called an heir is the one who does favour.
Initiate the noble, and recite on his name.
[...] the blessed dead, bring the food-offer[ings...]
for doing is more useful to the doer than to the one for whom it is done;
it is the nourished dead who protect the one who is on earth.

A notice '[its end] in peace' after this final phrase in Papyrus Amherst XII+XIII indicates that this was the end of the composition.


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