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Lahun is one of the best preserved ancient Egyptian towns. The plan and the finds give a good picture of a late Middle Kingdom town (about 1850-1700 BC). The site was cleared in 1889, very early in the history of archaeology, and therefore the specific findspots of single objects were recorded in only a few instances.

Among the most important finds are the papyri and the many objects of daily use.
(click on the images to see more objects or a larger image for the map)

the papyri
fragments of furniture
tools used in agriculture
some objects of daily use
plan of the town
UC 32057, Lahun papyrus
UC 7122, turned wooden lid, Lahun
UC 16694, agriculture tool
UC 7098, comb found at Lisht
Lahun, plan of the town

some views of the site today


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