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Roman Koptos: Funerary stelae

These objects belong to a large group of funerary stelae from Koptos and other places produced in a mixed Greek-Egyptian style. These stelae from Koptos are still very Egyptian and do not have many Greek elements. Stelae from other sites are different, showing a mixture of different elements. Few of these stelae are datable. They belong perhaps mainly to the end of the first century BC and to the first and second centuries AD. A catalogue of all known stelae of this kind from Upper Egypt is published by Abdalla 1992.

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UC 14537
UC 14776
UC 14777

The Greek text:

Aristoneikos (son) of Didy(mos), his brother Eron, 7 (years old). Farewell.

The Greek text:

Pebos (son) of Petearpocrates, archon of Koptos

The demotic text:

May the soul of Pabos son of Petearpocrates live

The Greek text:

...)nphmois (son of) Apollos

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