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Diospolis Parva (Hiu, Hu, Hut, Hut-Sekhen)
(2601' N 3217'E)

Principal town of Upper Egypt province 7. The cemeteries, excavated by Petrie (1898 - 1899 for the Egypt Exploration Society) include material of almost all periods of Egyptian history. Petrie used the predynastic tomb groups in developing his Sequence Dates. There are remains of two Ptolemaic-Roman temples in the town.

Naqada Period: finds
button seal
'letter to the dead'
Second Intermediate Period Pottery
soul house
UC 10860 UC 10796
UC 34013
UC 16244
UC 18411


Distribution of finds from Hu | Hu on a map of Egypt

further reading:

Petrie 1901 (Petrie excavation report)


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