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Glass: Roman

(about first to seventh century AD)

The main reference book on Roman glass from Egypt is Harden 1936, which is the publication of the glass vessels found at Karanis, a small town at the northern edge of the Fayum. Harden divides the vessels into several classes: I - dishes and plates, II - shallow bowls, III - deep bowls, IV - bowls on stem, V - beakers and goblets, VI - conical lamps, VII drinking cups and goblets an stem, VIII - jars, IX - flasks, X - bottle-flasks without handles, XI - one-handled jugs and bottles, XII - two-handled flasks and bottles, XIII - toilet-bottles, XIV miscellaneous items

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oval dish (I)
circular plate (I)
shallow bowl (II)
deep bowl (III)
UC 19626
UC 22055
UC 22975
UC 22119
dish (IV)
beaker (V)
conical lamps (VI)
drinking cup (VII)
UC 22007
UC 22051
UC 65739
UC 22004

jar (VIII)
flask (IX)
bottle-flask (X)
bottle or jug with one handle (XI)
bottle or jug with two handles (XII)
toilet bottle (XIII)
UC 22229
UC 2347
UC 22046
UC 22035
UC 65422
UC 2343

Glass objects with special decoration or in special shapes

decorated fragment
green decoration
glass dolphin
a horse
glass phallus
UC 22650 UC 65566 UC 22418 UC 22498

glass hairpin
blue glass fragment
bottle with face
UC 22989 UC 22131 UC 22202

glass fragments with wheel - cut decoration
UC 22198 UC 22197 UC 22745 UC 22199


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