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Examples of Early Dynastic Furniture

(click on the images to see a larger image or the archaeological context)

Fragment of a calcite stool or table.
Belongings might have been placed in simple boxes.
Some boxes are quite elaborate.
Chairs are depicted on stelae of the Second Dynasty
UC 17012, calcite table found at Tarkhan
UC 16075, box found at Tarkhan, First Dynasty
UC 14444, stela of the Early Dynastic Period

fragments of furniture found at Tarkhan

leg of bed
end of bed frame
UC 17173, stool found at Tarkhan, tomb 415 (on top of coffin)
UC 17168, leg of a bed, found at Tarkhan
UC 17167, end of bed frame, found at Tarkhan

side pole of bed

UC 17165, side pole of bed

see a reconstruction of a bed frame | detail with mattress

Killen 1980: 24-28 (on Early Dynastic bed frames)


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