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Foreign relations: Egypt - Libya: a short summary

the summary follows mainly: Bates 1914

4th Dynasty (about 2400 BC)
Libyans are shown on reliefs in the funerary temple (Niuserre, Sahure) of some kings.
6th Dynasty (about 2200 BC) At the end of the Old Kingdom some of the oasis (Bayaria) are colonised by the Egyptians.
Eleventh Dynasty (about 2000 BC) King Mentuhotep II celebrates on a relief in Gebelein the victory of Libyans (Rebu and Tehenu)
Twelfth Dynasty (about 1950 BC) King Amenemhat I leads a military campaign against Libyans.
18th Dynasty (about 1550-1300 BC) Several kings of the 18th Dynasty mention victories over the Libyans (Tehenu)
18th Dynasty (about 1550-1300 BC) First mentioning of the Libu and Meshwesh, both seems to be Libyan tribes
19th Dynasty (about 1250 BC) Ramesses II built a number of fortresses at the border to Libya (Zawiet Umm al-Rakham). There are a number of wars against the Libyans. Merenptah celebrates a great victory over the Lybians, indicating continuing problems with the Eastern neighbours.
20th Dynasty (about 1180 BC) Ramesses III celebrated several victories over the Libyans. They attacked Egypt in an alliance with the Sea-people.
19th and 20th Dynasty There are strong indications that Libyan settlers came to Egypt and stayed especially in the Delta.
21st - 24st Dynasty The Dynasties of the Third Intermediate Period (and most likely the 26th Dynasty) are essentially of Libyan origin.
21st - 24st Dynasty The influence of the Libyans on the Egyptian society is hard to measure. However, the great influence of women in religion and administration and the lengthy genealogies, so popular at this time might have their origin from the Libyan rule.
mid 7th century BC Greek settlers arrive west of Egypt
about 631 BC foundation of the Greek city Cyrene
mid 6th century BC the oasis Siwa becomes Egyptianised
about AD 572 BC Libyans (the 'Asbytae') asked the Egyptian king Apries for help against the Greeks. Apries arrives with an army but is defeated.
about 525-524 BC Cambyses II receives tributes from the Libyans of Marmarica. Cambyses II. tries to conquer Siwa but the army gets lost.
about 500 BC the Egyptian oasis and Siwa are part of the Persian empire



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