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Wine in Ancient Egypt: areas of production

New Kingdom wine 'labels' (actually lines handwritten or stamped directly onto the pottery container) suggest that the Delta was the main region for wine cultivation. Buto is a placed mentioned in this context; the area around Piramesse is also often cited in the Ramesside Period e.g. on ostraca from the Ramesseum. The 'Western River' is frequently mentioned on the wine labels from Malqata (palace of Amenhotep III) and Amarna. In the Roman Period the Mareotic and Taenotic wine had a reputation for good quality. Wine is also known to come from the western oases and some places in Middle and Upper Egypt, according to the written sources (Heliopolis, Meydum, Hermopolis, Elkab).

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vineyards mentioning in the labels from the Ramesseum



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