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Faience (and glazed objects) in the Late Period

There is mass-production of faience objects of high quality in the Late Period; this is most visible in the surviving record in the amulets made for the tomb, found in vast numbers placed on the mummified bodies. The tradition gathered pace in the Third Intermediate Period, and continued into the Ptolemaic Period, and this creates problems in precise dating of individual items, particularly cruder examples. Most of the following unprovenanced faience objects are Late Period, but some may belong to the Third Intermediate Period, and others might have been made in the Ptolemaic Period. The shapes and details of the objects are often more precisely cut than in other periods, perhaps in part because of the use of iron tools.

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UC 17807 UC 38448 UC 38509 UC 45335
UC 45444, djed pillar, Late Period UC 45458 UC 45459 UC 45466 UC 52069


UC 52684 UC 52691 UC 52740


vessels and inlays

UC 45319 UC 45329 UC 45489 UC 45317


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