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Deir el-Medina UC 32067
front side
[... month] 3 (?) of spring, day 5; day of arrival by the crew
[...] the work which is in the great meadow [...]
[...], large, 15; timber, hewn, small, 3 [...] 8

back side
[...] this day, installing the cedar door frame (?)
[...] at the works project of the house of king Usermaatra

Note: 'house of king Usermaatra' probably denotes the tomb of king Ramesses II identified here by a short version of his throne name Usermaatra-setepenra

Deir el-Medina UC 39606
front side
Year 4, month 3 of summer day 12; on this day purchase of the bull
of the crew member Penamun by the security guard
Amenmes; amount given in exchange for it: meat(-fat)
aaat-jar making 30 rings; fine woven linen, shirts,
2, making 5 copper rings
(continued on back side:) oil, 10 henu, making 5 rings.
Total of currency (literally: 'silver') given for it - 50 copper rings

For the aaat-jar as a jar used regularly for goose fat with a capacity of 30 'henu', see Janssen 1975, 337-341, with discussion of this ostracon on p.340

Deir el-Medina UC 39608
Year 29, month 2 of spring, day 9; on this day, distribution of the linen fibre
to the crew to make into lamp(wick)s; head of distribution
[...] on this day: the three leaders, 24 rings each total: 81
the forty men, 9 rings each, total 380 (but) Khons 26, total: 74
for the linen store, 31 rings to be taken out on the (account of) the right side
for filling the scales 9 (= for measuring each 9 ?) 225 rings
note of what fell to ground 21 rings
Sum total: 516 rings
[..] year 30, month 1 of flood, day 25; this day handing over
the lamps beside the Amenemipet temple
(continued on back side:)
right side 231 rings
left side 230 rings


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