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Basketry: Techniques

There are several techniques used in basketry, most of them already known from the predynastic periods (5000-3000 BC). The most important in all earlier periods is coiling. Some techniques such as sewn-plaits and plaiting were introduced in the Ptolemaic Period (305-30 BC). Some of these new techniques became quite important. Coiled sandals, for example, were eventually replaced by plaited sandals. Baskets of the stake-and-strand type are also new in this period.

UC 27892
a bundle of material is fixed around a coil
strands are made into a fabric by interlacing with crossing strands
several bundles are held by two strands which twist around the bundles
strands are interlaced with crossing strands
Sewn-plaits technique
long strips are plaited and then are sewn into a fabric
a row of loops is linked to another row of loops
rigid stems are connected by piercing them
strands and sticks fastened with separate strands

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