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Sobeknefru Sobekkare (also known as Nefrusobek)

Ruling queen at the end of the Twelfth Dynasty. It is not known whether she ruled alone, or alongside Amenemhat III and/or Amenemhat IV. She is less well-known than other ruling queens, notably Hatshepsut, because fewer monuments survive (they may have been mainly in the less well-preserved sites of Lower Egypt and the Fayum, whereas Hatshepsut was buried at, and left numerous monuments in, Thebes).

Horus name: Merytre
Nebty name: Zatsekhemnebettawy
Golden Falcon name: Djedetkha
Prenomen: Sobekkare
Nomen: Sobeknefru


Burial place: Unknown


Attestation in the Petrie Museum: relief fragment found at Hawara
(click on the image to see the whole fragment)

Further Attestations:



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