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Nesbanebdjed (in Greek 'Smendes') (about 1070/69-1044/43 BC)

King of the Twenty-first Dynasty. Origins uncertain, perhaps of western desert nomadic origin ('Libyan') settled in Egypt. According to the literary composition known as the Tale of Wenamun, Smendes accepted de facto partition of Egypt with a 'Libyan' general named Herihor; Smendes was king of Egypt, but Herihor ruled Upper Egypt from Thebes, taking the title High Priest of Amun. The families of the two men, or at least their descendants, seem to have been linked, and the partition was apparently by agreement. This unusual arrangement came to an end when the country was effectively reunited under Sheshonq I, founder of the Twenty-second Dynasty.

Horus name: Kanakht Meryre Suseramunkhepesheferseqaimaat
Nebty name: Sekhempehti Hureqiufbehatuf Hepetem...
Golden Falcon name: ...khesefdenden
Prenomen: Hedjkheperre-setpenre
Nomen: Nesbanebdjed

Burial place: Tanis (?)



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