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Sheshonq I (about 946/45-925/24 BC)

First king of the Twenty-second Dynasty. The king launched a campaign against Palestine, and is mentioned in the Bible: a wall at Karnak temple bears a depiction of the king in triumph, and a pictorial list of the cities he overpowered. He stationed his sons in several key positions all over Egypt, effectively reunifying it and ending the previously agreed de facto partition under the Twenty-first Dynasty. The king undertook an ambitious building programme (Thebes and Memphis).

Horus name: Meryre Sekhafemnisuterzematawy
Nebty name: Khaemsekhemtimihorsaaest Sehetepnetjeruemmaat
Golden Falcon name: Sekhempehti Huipedjut-9 Wernekhtutaunebu
Prenomen: Hedjkheperre Setepenre
Nomen: Sheshonq

Burial place: Tanis (?)

Attestations in the Petrie Museum

Prenomen of Sheshonq I and Osorkon I
UC 13033
UC 13036

Further attestations:



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