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Semenkhkare (about 1337-1334 BC)

King of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Some scholars identify this ruler as Nefertiti, wife of Akhenaten, because the throne-name Ankhkheperure occurs first with a nomen Neferneferuaten, and that had regularly been part of the name of Nefertiti; other scholars consider Semenkhkare to be a younger brother of Tutankhamun, with a very short reign. The evidence is inconclusive.

Horus name:
Nebty name:
Golden Falcon name:
Prenomen: Ankhkheperure-Merywaenre
Nomen: Semenkhkare-Djeserkheperu

Burial place: unknown


Rings found at Amarna (Petrie 1894: pl. XV. 103-104)

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