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Ptolemy (X) Alexander (Ptolemaios X) 107 - 88 BC

Son of Ptolemy VIII, involved in the dynastic struggles after the death of his father. Ptolemy X drew up the fatal will, in which he bequeathed Egypt to Rome as surety on a loan, needed to pay the costs of the civil wars.

Horus name: Netjeriemkhet Khnumsuhepankhhermeskhenet Hununefer Benermerut Sekhaensumutefhernesetitef Tjemaa Hukhasut Itjemsekhemef-mirepesedjefemakhet
Nebty name: Sehertawy Kanakht Sekhemeheh
Golden Falcon name: Aaib Merynetjeru Itybaqet Heqawadjty aqeftameriemhetep
Prenomen: Iuaennetjermenkhntjeretmenkhetzatre
Nomen: Ptolemaios djedenef-Aleksandros (ankhdjet-meryptah)

Burial place: Alexandria

UC 28711 portrait in plaster of this (?) king (click on the image for more information)


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