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Ptolemy V Epiphanes 204-180 BC

The king came to the throne as a child, and the reign began in the face of internal rebellions and foreign invasions. Eventually the Alexandrian forces succeeded in repelling the invaders, and defeating the local native king Ankhwennefer in Upper Egypt. However, most of the foreign provinces of the Ptolemaic kingdom were lost by the end of the reign. In 196 BC the king was crowned in traditional Egyptian rites at Memphis, according to the Decree of Memphis issued through the temple officials: one of the copies of this decree was discovered in 1799, reused at Rosetta, and, known as the Rosetta Stone, is famous for its role in the modern decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Horus name: Hunukhaemnisuthersetitef
Nebty name: Werpehti-Sementawisenefertameri-Menekhibkhernetjeru
Golden Falcon name: Wadjankhenhenmemet Nebhebusedmiptah
Prenomen: Iuaennetjeruimerit Setepenptah Weserkare Sekhemankhenamun
Nomen: Ptolemy (ankhdjet-meryptah)

Burial place: Alexandria (?)

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