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Ptolemy (IV) Philopator (Ptolemaios IV) 221 - 204 BC

In this reign the series of wars against Syria continued. Ancient Greek historians record that at the climactic battle of Raphia Ptolemy IV armed native Egyptian troops to gain numerical advantage, that 70,000 people died in the battle, and that, after it, Ptolemy IV successfully attacked Syria. At about the same time rebellion broke out in Upper Egypt, where a rebel king Horwennefer took control of parts of the country (206-200 BC).

Horus name: Hunuqeni Sekhaensuitef
Nebty name: Werpehti Menekhibkhernetjerunebu Nedjtienhenmemet
Golden Falcon name: Sewadjabaqet Sehedjgesuperu Semenhepu-midjehuty-aa-aa Nebhabused-miptahtatenen-itymire
Prenomen: Juaennetjerwymenekhwy Setepenptah Weserkare Sekhemankhenamun
Nomen: Ptolemy

Burial place: Alexandria


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