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Nekau (II) Wehemibre
(610-595 BC)

King of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus despatched an expedition that circumnavigated Africa, and he was the king who started the construction of a canal from the Nile to the Red Sea, completed by the Achaemenid king Darius I.

Horus name: Maaib
Nebty name: Maakheru
Golden Falcon name: Merynetjeru
Prenomen: Wehemibre
Nomen: Nekau


Burial place: Not located (Sais?)


Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

UC 38081 said to be from Memphis (click on the image to see a larger picture)
UC 16130
UC 38081 UC 16130

Further Attestations:

UC 38084 shabti of his wife Khedebarbenet, mother of Psamtek II. The shabti is thought to come from Sais (click on the picture to see a larger image)



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