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Nakhthorhebyt (Greek Nectanebo II) (360 - 343 BC)

Last king of the Thirtieth Dynasty and last independent native ruler of all Egypt in antiquity. At the end of his reign Egypt was conquered by the Persian king Artaxerxes III. According to one Greek tradition the king fled to the Macedonian court; another tradition reports that he fled to Nubia.

Horus name: Merytawy
Nebty name: Seheruibnetjeru
Golden Falcon name: Semenhepu
Prenomen: Senedjemibre
Nomen: Nakhthorhebyt

Burial place: Saqqara ? (Arnold 1999: 130)

Attestation in the Petrie Museum:

UC 8961 UC 8961: fragment of a shabti (click on the image for a larger picture)

Further Attestations:



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