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Cleopatra (VII) Philopator (51-30 BC)

Ruling queen, last in the Ptolemaic dynasty. She is most famous for her affairs with the Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. By Julius Caesar she had a son (Ptolemy XV Caesarion) who became co-regent in 34 BC. In 30 BC Octavian, the later emperor Augustus, defeated Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony at the battle of Actium. Cleopatra (VII) killed herself following the suicide of Antony, and Octavian had her son murdered. Egypt became part of the Roman empire.

Horus name: Wernebneferu akhetzeh
Prenomen: Cleopatra

Burial place: Alexandria (exact location not yet identified)

Attestation in the Petrie Museum:

UC 14521 back pillar of a statue, found at Koptos (attribution to Cleopatra VII is not certain)

Further Attestations:



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