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Ahmose (about 1550-1525 BC)

First king of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the New Kingdom. The expulsion of the Hyksos from northern Egypt is the main event of his reign. Later he also campaigned in south Palestine and in Nubia. The events are known only from biographies of officials: even the year of reunification at the final expulsion of the Hyksos is not known. Ahmose started to redevelop the country. There is attestation for building activity in Abydos (cenotaph or tomb) and Thebes (Karnak).

Horus name: Aakheperu
Nebty name: Tutmesut
Golden Falcon name: Tjestawy
Prenomen: Nebpehtire
Nomen: Ahmose

Burial place: Unknown, probably originally Abydos (Harvey 1994)

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

Part of dating on stela UC 14402 (detail)

UC 14402 (detail of a stela dated under Ahmose)

faience plaque from Gurob tomb 82

Further Attestations:




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