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Merneferre Aya (about 1700 BC)

King of the Thirteenth Dynasty. He is the last ruler of the Thirteenth Dynasty attested in both North and South of Egypt.

Horus name:
Nebty name:
Golden Falcon name:
Prenomen: Merneferre
Nomen: Aya

Burial place: Unknown. A pyramidion of the king was found in Qantir/Khatana (Delta): it might come originally from Memphis/Saqqara. Ryholt 1997: 82, 354 (file 13/33, no. 4)

Attestations in the Petrie Museum:

UC 11573
UC 11574
UC 11575
scarab UC 11573
scarab UC 11574
scarab UC 11575

Further Attestations:



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