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Wooden models

Already in the late Fourth Dynasty there are stone servant statues placed in the serdabs of some tombs. They show mainly only one person at work (millers, butchers, potters, musicians).

In the Sixth Dynasty it became common to place in the serdab wooden models of whole scenes. In the First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC) they were mainly placed in the tomb chamber around the coffin. In the Eleventh Dynasty there are some rich tombs with a separate chamber for the wooden models. The latest such wooden models are found in Lahun. They might date under Senusret II or shortly after. In later periods there are wooden boats in tombs of New Kingdom kings, but the populated scenes are no longer found.

Models from tomb 274 at Sedment. They belong to the earliest wooden models
Models found in Lahun. They belong to the latest datable wooden models of the Middle Kingdom

There is a special set of models found in most tombs of the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom

two ships
two female offering bearers
preparation of food
found in almost all tombs with models
found in almost all tombs with models
several model types appear occasionally in several tombs


Wooden models in Digital Egypt

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