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Burial customs: Late Period

objects found in elite burials

UC 40094
Shabtis (up to four hundred, one shabti for each day and some overseer shabtis).
UC 55210
Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figures as well as other wooden figures of deities (most popular: Isis, Nephthys).
UC 38509
Amulets, arranged on and inside of the mummy wrappings.
UC 29797 Canopic jars.
UC 14230
Coffin or sarcophagus.
UC 32373 The mummy was often decorated with an elaborate bead net.
UC 32373
Book of the Dead (not very common in the Twenty-sixth Dynasty, and no examples securely dated to the Persian Period).

for burials of lower classes see tombs at Matmar


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