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Badari, finds from various tombs

Badari tomb 5108, disturbed tomb, UC 9240 (pot 5fh), Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: pl. I; Bourriau 1981: 25, no. 27.

Badari tomb 5114, disturbed tomb

UC 9085 (hippopotamus tusk) UC 9084 (wood)
UC 9083 (pebble)
UC 9086 (pot BB5d)


Badari tomb 5379
(called in the tomb register 'hole") UC 9102 (pot BB 19c)


Badari tomb 5706
a undisturbed tomb of a child, the child was wrapped in matting, only one find: UC 9093 (pot BR36f)

Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: VI-VII (tomb register)



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