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Badari Tomb 5762

date: Badarian (about 4000 BC)

undisturbed tomb of a man (for the selection of objects in the tomb compare: burial customs)

The reconstruction of the tomb is based on the description in the publication, Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: 16:
"Man wrapped in well-tannend skin with fine black short fur.
Behind the head a fine black short pottery....
Ivory bangle, bracelet of seven Nerita shells on right wrist, a bone finger-ring, and a bone point.

Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: 16, pl. VIII (tomb register), pl.XVI, XXIII,19, XXIII, 24, XXIII, 25 (the finds)

measurements: 109 x 119 x 104 (depth) cm


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