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Badari Tomb 5735

Background information

The reconstruction is mainly based on the description in the publication (Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: 15):

"5735. Undisturbed man in grave containing much matting and sticks up the sides. Head south, straight black hair. There were traces of cloth at the hips, and round the body was a pelt with fine back fur like a cat's. This appeared to have been worn sideways round the back and hips, something like a priest's leopard-skin in historic times. On the right arm above the elbow, a few Nerita and Clanculus shells. At the left wrist, attached to a twisted thong bracelet, a large green stone pendant. Round the waist over the fur was a mass of green glazed steatite beads, forming a long string wound round and round the body, not a made belt."

The buried person might have been a leader of his community, judging from the rich funerary equipment (Anderson 1992: 63)

The other finds of the tomb are now in Oxford Ashmolean Museum: 1925-551, a-e (beads); 1925-547 (shells); 1925-549 (pendant).



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