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Badari Tomb 3740

Sequence Date: 38-44 (about 3500 BC)

Burial of a man and a woman

Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928:
"bodies wrapped in matting. Thin planks lying on top (from roofing?). Matting and sticks at the sides of the grave, to keep up the gravel".

UC 9539 Pebble and UC 9537 siltstone palette found in front of the woman's face
(for the selection of objects in the tomb compare: burial customs)

UC 9538 limestone macehead

UC 26525 (old: 16628) remains of a clay figure

UC 9540 beads


UC 9535 P38n
UC 9536 F12


not in Petrie Museum:

(height of the vessel left: 19. 2 cm; middle: 24.6 cm; right 12 cm))





note: the publication gives only the types of pottery found, not the number of each type found

Brunton/Caton-Thompson 1928: 51, pl. XXXII (tomb register)


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