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Excavations in the region of Qau and Badari in three seasons:

The excavations were conducted on a series of cemeteries in the Qau region, on the east bank of the Nilein Middle Egypt.

Director of the excavations: Guy Brunton, O.B.E.
Other staff in 1922-23: C.H.G. Bach, Mr. J.L. Starkey, for six weeks: Dr. H. Frankfort, four days in January: Professor Douglas E. Derry (four days, gave help for the human bones)

1923-1924: Professor Petrie, Mr. S. Yeivin, Mr. T. R. Duncan Greenless, Mr. Noe F. Wheeler, Mrs. W. J. Benson, Miss Gertrude Caton-Thompson (camp at Qau); other sites: as for previous season with addition of Mrs. G.B. Aitken and Miss Irene Donne

1925: Brunton and Mr. J.L. Starkey, Miss Caton-Thompson

More recent work:

1989, 1992 investigations on the site conducted by Diane L. Holmes and R.F. Friedman (Holmes 1996)

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