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Ptolemaic Royal Sculpture: UC 28711


UC 28711

There is a discussion about two similar heads in Paris (Louvre E8601) and Munich. All three heads must belong to the same king. Müller 1970 attributed the heads in Paris and Munich to Nectanebo I (the head in the Petrie Museum was not then published). The main arguments are intercolumnar basalt blocks decorated in relief with the name of the king and a very similar depiction of the face. However Josephson1997: 13-17 argued that the head belongs to Ptolemy X. He also sees the similarity in the face to the intercolumnar blocks with the name of Nectanebo I, but argues that the picture of the king might be later than the inscription. Further arguments for his late dating are some features ('Greek treatment' of eye brows). The portrait might show Ptolemy VIII, IX or X , who are all called 'Physcon' (obese) in ancient writing.

Further reading on the Paris and Munich heads:


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