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Early Egypt


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This head is the earliest Egyptian sculpture of a king and may belong to king Narmer

UC 15989

The decorated palette of Narmer from Hierakonpolis belongs to the earliest examples of monumental art

decorated palette of Narmer

This statue from Hierakonpolis belongs to king Khasekhem

statue of king Khasekhem

One stela was placed on each of the tombs of the courtiers in Abydos.

stela from Abydos, UC 14273


In the Second Dynasty the stelae of the courtiers became more elaborate.

UC 14444, unprovenanced stela

Small human and animal figures were placed as votive offerings in different temples.

votive figures from Hierakonpolis

Objects excavated at First Dynasty sites illustrate the range of different styles.

UC 15841, cosmetic palette

Few figural paintings survived. The drawings on a vessel from Tarkhan are without precise parallel.

UC 16088, jar with the drawing of an animal




lions from Gebelein


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