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Plans and architectural Drawings in Ancient Egypt

Surviving plans and architectural drawings seem to be records of existing features, rather than having been used for construction purposes. Models of columns and other architectural elements common in the Late and Ptolemaic Period might have have been used as prototypes for modeling the real examples.

object date location
coordinates for arch or vault Djoser Cairo
plan of garden or temple Mentuhotep II New York MMA 22.3.30
plan of building Senusret I New York MMA 14.3.15
sketch of building Amenemhat III Berlin
sketch plan of a tomb 18th Dynasty Cairo CG 66262
sketch plan of a house 18th Dynasty Cairo ?
plan of an estate 18th Dynasty New York MMA.14.108
sketch plan of a house Amarna period Amarna
plan of a chapel with pillars 18th/19th Dynasty London BM 41228
elavation of a shrine 18th Dynasty UC 27234
plan of a large temple Amarna period Sheikh Said
plan of the tomb of Ramesses IV Ramesses IV Turin 1885
plan of the tomb of Ramesses IX Ramesses IX Cairo CG 25184
plan of room with four pillars Ramesside ? Cairo CG 51936
plan of staircase and door Ramesside ? Cairo
plan of temple in Heliopolis Late Period Turin 2682

after: Arnold 1991: 8, table 1.1


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