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Duties of the Vizier

Translation with transliteration from hieroglyphs (see the Manuel de Codage)

1: title (Rekhmira line 1)
tp-rd n Hmst n imy-r niwt TAty n niwt rst n Xnw m xA n TAty

Regulations for a sitting of the overseer of the city the vizier of the Southern City or of the Residence, in the bureau of the vizier

2. introductory regulation (Rekhmire lines 1-3)
ir irt nbt pA sr TAty Hr sDm m xA n TAty
Hms.f Hr pHDw Qn Hr sAtw
Snp Hr.f Sd Xr psd.f Sd Xr rdwy.f […] Hr.f
Aba r a.f Ssm mabA sn m-bAH.f
imy-r aXnwty Hr wnm.f iry-xt-aq Hr iab
sSw n TAty r a.f wa ggw n wa m s nb r-aqA.f
sDm wa Hr sn-nw.f nn rdit sDm Xry r-HAt Hry
ir Dd Hry nn sDm nb r-a.i xr.t(w) nDr.t(w).f in wpwtyw n TAty

In any action of this magnate the vizier to be heard in the bureau of the Vizier,
He should sit on the pehedju-stool, mat on the ground,
The shenep-garb upon him, a skin under his back, a skin under his feet, … him,
The aba-staff at his arm, the thirty rolls laid out before him,
The interior overseer on his right, the manager with access on his left,
The scribes of the vizier at his hand, each aligned with the other, each in position.
One person is heard after his fellow, without one of lower being heard before one of higher status;
If, though, one of higher status says 'there will be no hearing before me', then he is to be seized by the envoys of the vizier.

3. reports (Rekhmira 3-5)
smi.tw n.f xtm xtmw r nw wn st r nw
smi.t(w) n.f xrt mnnww rsy mHty pr prrt nbt m pr-nswt
smi n.f aK aKt nbt r pr-nswt
ir grt aKt nbt prrt nbt r sAtw n Xnw in wpwty.f dd aK pr
smi n.f imyw-r Snt Sntw imyw-r w xrt.sn

To him are reported the timed sealing of the strongholds and their timed opening,
To him are reported the condition of the fortresses of south and north
And the exit of everything exiting from the Domain of the King
And there is reported to him the entry of everything entering the Domain of the King
As for anything entering or leaving the territory of the Residence,
It is his commissioner that controls the entry and exit
The overseers of dispute, officers, and overseers of districts report their affairs to him

4. daily encounter with King and treasurer (Rekhmira 5-8)
aK.f grt r nD-xrt nb a.w.s. iw smi n.f xrt tAwy m pr.f ra nb
aK.f r pr-aA xft imy-r xtmt aHa.f r snt mHtt
r mnmn TAty m wbn m pA sbA n rwt wrty
xr imy-r xtmt ii.f m Hs.f Hna smit n.f r Dd

hAw.k nb aD wDA
smi.n n.i iry nb sSm r Dd
hAw.k nb aD wDA pr-nswt aD wDA

xr TAty smi.f n imy-r xtmt r Dd

hAw.k nb aD wDA st nbt n Xnw aD wDA
smi n.i xtm xtmw r nw wn st r nw in iry nb sSm

xr ir m-xt smi wa n wa m pA sr sn
xr TAty h(A)b.f r wn sbA nb n pr nswt

            r rdi(t) aK aKt nbt prrt nbt m mitt

in wpwty.f dd xpr m sS

Then he is to enter for the greeting of the Lord l.p.h. when the condition of the Two Lands is reported to him in his House dailyHe is to enter the palace with the treasurer standing at the northern pillar

            Until the vizier proceeds from the east from the gate of the Double Portal

Then the treasurer is to come to hail him and report to him saying

All your affairs are well and sound
Every authority has reported to me saying
All your affairs are well and sound, the Domain of the King is well and sound

Then the vizier is to report to the treasurer saying

All your affairs are well and sound, every store of the Residence is well and sound
I have report of the timed closing and opening of strongholds by every authority

Once the two officials have reported to each other,
Then the vizier is to send word to open every gate of the Domain of the King

            To permit entry of all to enter, all to exit likewise

It is his commissioner who has it recorded in writing

5. regulation of justice in bureaus of other officials (Rekhmira 8-9)
m rdi sxm sr nb m wDa-r(y)t m xA.f
ir xpr sk r wa m nA n srw imy xA.f
xr.f di.f in.t(w).f r [a]ryt
in TAty xsf n.f r DAt iw.f
m rdi sxm sr nb m Hwt m xA.f
smi.t(w).f wdaw nb nty r xA
di.f sw r.f

It is not permitted that any official have power over judgment in his bureau
If accusation arises against one of these officials while in his bureau
then he is to be brought to the court
and it is the Vizier who prosecutes him concerning the penalty of his crime
It is not permitted that any official have power over beating in his bureau
It is to be reported in any case that concerns the bureau
and he should hand himself over concerning it

6. envoys (Rekhmira 9-13)

ir wpwty nb hAb TAty m wpwt n sr m-SAa n sr tpy nfryt r sr n nfryt
m rdi hnn.f m rdi sTA.f [xr] pA sr
Dd.f tA wpwt n TAty iw.f aHa m-bAH pA sr
Hr Dd tA.f wpwt Hna prt r aHaw.
in wpwt.f iT HAtyw-a HKAw-Hwt n aryt
in wpwty.f dd tp[-rd…]
[…] wpwty.f Hr anan r Dd
hab.kwi m wpwt n sr mn
rdi.n.f sTA.t(w).i rdi.n.f di.tw nkt Hr nHbt.i
sDm xpr pA sr Hna [pA wpwty …]
[…] DAt nA Sny st Hr.s in TAty m xA.f
m idryt nbt m-HAw-Hr xsf m swA at

As to any envoy sent by the vizier on a mission to an official from first to lowest
It is not permitted that he bow or be summonsed [before] that official
He is to say the message of the vizier, standing in front of that official
Saying his message and (then) going to his post
It is his message that brings the mayors and governors of domains to the court
It is his messenger who declares the instr[uctions…]
[should] the envoy return saying
'I was sent on a mission to such and such an official
and he had me summonsed and he had something placed on my neck'
and the case has been heard of the official and [the envoy …]
[it is the vizier who punishes] from the case heard by the vizier in his bureau
by means of any suppression in addition to the punishment by severing a limb

7. the labour register (Rekhmira 13-15)
ir grt irt nbt TAty Hr sDm m xA.f
ir nty nb [n] mnx m …-pt nbt sDm.ty.fy sw Hr.s
tm.ty.fy dr n.f sDb m sDm.f xpr r.s
xr wAH.t(w) Hr Sfd n xbnty wnn m xnrt wr
tm.ty.fy dr sdbw n wpwty.f m […] mitt
ir iw sp.sn ky sp xr smi.t(w) swADt ntt Hr Sfdw n xbnty
Ssr mdt wAH st Hr.s Hr pA Sfd r wDAt Knw.sn

Now, as for any action of the vizier in hearing cases in his bureau,
as for anyone [in]efficient in any [mission?] whom he will hear concerning it
or anyone whose (labour) duty he will not remove when his hearing comes to it
Then it is to be added to the roll of transgressors that is in the Main Enclosure
and likewise for any official of his in … whose duty he will not remove
If their case arises again, then the entry on the roll of transgressors should be reported
with a summary of the case for which they were added on the roll concerning their failing

8. documents (Rekhmira 15-17)
ir sSw nb habw TAty […] xA nb m nty nn st Hbs
xr iT.t(w) n.f Hna Sfdw iryw irw
Hr xtm n sDm sSw irw m-sA.sn
xr.f pgA.f sw
xr ir-m-xt mAA.f sw x[r] iT.]t(w).f r st.f xtm Hr xtm n TAty
ir grt dbH.f sSw Hbs
m rdi iT.t(w).f in iryw irw

As for any documents sent by the vizier [to an official of?] any bureau as 'not concealed'
then such can be brought to him with the rolls of the relevant keepers
on the seal of the hearer of the relevant bureaucrats after them
and he is to open it
and when he has seen it, then it may be [put] in its place sealed with the seal of the vizier
If, though, he requests 'concealed' documents,
it is not permitted that they be brought by the relevant keepers

9. petitions and fields (Rekhmira 17-19)
ir grt wpwty nb hAb TAty r.f Hr sprty nb
iw di.f Sm n.f
ir grt spr.ty.fy nb n TAty Hr AHwt
wD.f sw n.f
m-HAw sDm n imy-r aHwt Hna DADAt nt TmA
irr.f wDf r.f Hr Abd 2 n AHwt.f m Sma tA-mHw
ir swt AHwt.f nty tkn n niwt rst [n Xnw]
ir.f wDf r.f Hr hrw 3 m ntt r hp
sDmt.f sprty nb xft hp pn nty m-a.f

Now as for any envoy the vizier sends concerning, on any petitioner,
He should permit access to him
Now as for anyone petitioning the vizier concerning fields
he is to order him to him
in addition to hearing by the overseer of fields and the board of the register (?)
He may apply a delay for it of two months for his fields in Upper or Lower Egypt
but for his fields which are adjacent to the Southern City [and the Residence]
he is to apply a delay for it of three days in accordance with the rule
and should har any official in accordance with this rule which is with him

10. councillors of districts (Rekhmira 19)
ntf grt inn Knbtyw nw w
ntf hAb.sn smi.sn n.f xrt ww.sn
inn.t(w) n.f imt-pr nb ntf xtm st

Now he is the one who fetches the district councillors
He is the one who sends them out, and they report to him the state of their districts
He is brought every deed of conveyance and it is he who seals them

11. field boundaries (Rekhmira 20)
ntf irr sAH m Sdw nb
ir sprty nb nty r Dd mnmn tASw.n
xr mA.t(w) nty st Hr xtm n srw
ir xpr xr.f Sd.f Sdw n tA DADAt smnmnt st

It is he who applies the terrain for every plot of land
As for any petitioner who would say 'our boundaries have moved'
then it is checked that they are under the seal of officials
If it has happened, then he is to take the plot of the board that moved them

12. expeditions (Rekhmira 20-21)
ir grt biat nbt iit nb r.s m [m]A[.tw] xt im.s
wnn.t(w) Hr irt sprty nb m sSw nn rdit spr.f n sDm
smi.t(w) n.f sprty nb n nb r-sA irr.f m sSw

Now as for any mining land, any arrival at it, when the items from it are seen
any petitioner is to be recorded in writing without allowing him to petition a hearer
and any petitioner to the Lord is to be reported to him after he has recorded in writing

13. despatching envoys (Rekhmira 21-22)
ntf sbb wpwty nb n pr nswt
hAb n HAtyw-a HKAw-Hwt
ntf sbb pXrty nb wDyt nbt nt pr nswt

It is he who despatches any envoy of the Domain of the King
sending to the mayors and governors of domains
It is he who despatches any circulator of any decree of the Domain of the King

14. the members of officialdom (Rekhmira 22-23)
ntf irr nty m srwt […]
Sma tA-mHw tp-rs TA-wr
smi.sn n.f xprt nbt m-a.sn tp Abd 4 nb
inn.sn [n].f sSw iry m-a.sn Hna DADAt.sn

It is he who appoints a member of the officialdom […]
of Upper and Lower Egypt and the Abydene district of the Head of the South
They report to him anything that happens through them every four months
They are to bring him the relevant records with them and their board

15. military expeditions (Rekhmira 23-24)
ntf irr dmD n mSa mnmn Hr Sms nb m xd m xnt
ntf irr Hr-a wnn m niwt rst m Xnw
xft Ddt m pr nswt
inn.t(w) n.f ATw n Tt HKA r xA.f Hna DADAt nt mSa
r rdit n.sn tp-rd n mSa

It is he who appoints the muster of the army moved to follow the Lord north or south
It is he who calculates the arrears left in the Southern City and the Residence
in accordance with what is stated in the Domain of the King
To him are brought the commanders of the crew of the ruler and the army board
to be given the instructions of the army

16. restatement of primacy (Rekhmira 24)
imy grt aK iAt nbt HAt-r iAt nt nfryt r xA n TAty r nD-Hr snnw.f

Now let every office down to the last enter the bureau of the vizier to greet his second

17. appointments (Rekhmira 24-25)

ntf sbb r swA nhwt xft Ddt m pr nswt
ntf sbb Knbtyw nw ww r irt a m tA r Dr.f
ntf sbb HAtyw-a HKAw Hwt r skA r Smw
ntf irr imy-r Snt m xA n pr nswt
ntf irr sDm HAtyw-a HKAw-Hwt
prrw m rn.f n Sma tA-mHw

It is he who despatches to cut trees as stated in the Domain of the King
It is he who despatches district councillors to make outlet channels in the entire land
It is he who despatches mayors and governors of domains at ploughing and harvest
It is he who appoints overseers of enquiry in a bureau of the Domain of the King
It is he who appoints the hearer of mayors and governors of domains
who have gone out in his name to Upper and Lower Egypt

18. reporting (Rekhmira 26)
smi.t(w) n.f mdwt nb
smi.t(w) n.f xrt mnnw Sma
nDrt nb nty r awAt […]
ntf irr HAK n spat nb ntf sDm sw

Every matter is reported to him
To him is reported the state of the fortresses of Upper Egypt
and arrest of any would-be brigand […]
It is he who allots spoils to each district, it is he who judges it

19. lands (Rekhmira 26-27)
ntf sbb mSa sSw nw TmA
r irt sSm n nb
wnn sS spAt m xA.f n sDmt Hr AHwt nb
ntf irr tASw n spAt nb sm (?) nb
Htp-nTr nb xtm nb

It is he who despatches the multitude of bureaucrats of the register (?)
to calculate the expenditure of the Lord
District records are to be in his bureau for hearings on any fields
It is he who makes the boundaries for every district, every garden plot,
every temple estate (?), every sealed land (?)

20. appeals (Rekhmira 27-28)
ntf irr Sd-r nb
ntf sDm anan nb Sm s r mdwt Hna snnw.f
ntf dhn dhnw nb r aryt
iw n.f Snw nb m pr nswt
ntf sDm wDt nb
ntf sDm Hr nfrw n Htp-nTr nb
ntf Htr Htr nb m aK [n] dd n.f sw

It is he who makes every investigation (?)
It is he who hears every appeal (?) when a man goes to dispute with his second
It is he who appoints anyone to be appointed at the palace gate
Anyone to be questioned comes to him in the Domain of the King
It is he who hears every decree
It is he who hears cases of loss for every temple estate
It is he who fixes all fixed dues as supplies for recipients

21. The final broken lines of the composition (Rekhmira 28-36)

Rekhmira 28-29:
ntf irr […] nb m niwt rst m Xnw
ntf xtm st Hr xtm.f
ntf sDm mdwt nb
ntf irr xbt inw n gs-prw
smi n.f DADAt wrt Htr saKw r gs.f
ntf sDm Sna […]

It is he who … every … in the Southern Town and in the Residence
and it is he who seals it with his seal
It is he who hears every case
It is he who makes the allotment (?) of income for the estates
To him the great board reports the dues entered on his side
It is he who hears (cases of) the provisioning quarters […]

Rekhmira 29-30
[…] nb innt n arryt drpt nb n arryt
ntf wn pr-nbw Hna imy-r xtmt
ntf mA inw n kpny […]

[…] every […] brought to the palace, everything offered to the palace
It is he who opens the gold house with the treasurer
It is he who inspects the produce of Kepny (Byblos)

Rekhmira 31
[…] imy-r pr wr Hna DADAt wrt
ntf irr wpwt m awt nb irrw wpwt im.sn
ntf mA swrt tp hrw md nb … […]

[…] the high steward and the great board
It is he who makes lists of every herd of which lists are made
It is he who inspects the … every ten days

Rekhmira 32
[…] Hr mdt nbt arryt
iw HAtyw-a HKAw-Hwt twAw nb smi.s(n) n.f inw.sn
iw imy-r w nb Sntw nb smi.s(n) n.f Snt nb … […]

[…] concerning every case of the palace
The mayors, governors of domains and every subject report their income to him
Every district overseer and investigator reports every investigation to him

Rekhmira 33

[…]-tyw smi.sn n.f Xrt r Abd r mtr inw
iw xtmtyw kfAw-ib … […]
prt spdt wHa Hap
smi.t(w) n.f Hwt […]
[…] n n im-r w n Sntw n […]

[…]s report to him the condition by the month for precision of income
The trusted sealers … […]
the rising of Sepdet and the release of the Flood
To him is reported the striking […]
[…] to the district overseer, to the investigator, to […]

Rekhmira 34

ntf SA aHaw r SAw nb n.f sw
ntf sbb wpwtyw nb n pr nswt r […]
[…] xft wnn nb m mSa
ntf irr s[…] i [..] nb m […]

[of the Resi]dence
It is he who assigns ships to everyone to whom they are to be assigned
It is he who despatches every envoy of the Domain of the King to […]
[…] when the Lord is on expedition
It is he who makes […]the Lord in […]

Rekhmira 35
smi.t(w) n.f in Knbt nb nt HAt aHaw pH aHaw
ntf xtm wDw nb n […]
[…] Tsm n mniw Tsmw sbb m wpwt nt pr nswt
smi.t(w) n.f smi nb […]

[…] him (?)
To him report is made by every council of the start of ships and end of ships
It is he who seals every decree of […]
[…] dogs to the keepers of dogs despatched on missions of the Domain of the King
To him is reported every report […]

Rekhmira 36
iry-aA n arryt smi Hr.f irt.f nb
Hr sDm m xA n TAty
ATww […]

Doorkeeper of the palace gate reporting before him all he does
in hearing in the bureau of the vizier
the commanders […]



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