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Abydos: UC 14649

In the Late Period Abydos was still an important town with a huge cemetery. The tomb chapels found are similar to examples known from the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) from other places (Gurob, Saqqara): an open courtyard with one or several chapels at the back and a small pyramid. The pyramidion UC 14649 probably comes from the pyramid in a tomb-chapel of this type.

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UC 14649 UC 14649 UC 14649


The inscriptions: (left) 'Adoring the god four times. The one revered by Osiris, Nes-nub-hetep, son of the imy-is priest, Hsk priest and prophet (Hm-nTr) Nubhotep. Neshor, son of Asetir(dies).

(right) Adoring the god (four) times. The one revered by Osiris, Nesnubhotep, born of the mistress of the house, Asetirdies.


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