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Abydos: Stela of Pashedbastet

(bought by Petrie at Abydos)

UC 14496, stela found at Abydos; 22nd dynasty


1. (year ... month) of the winter season 26th day under the majesty of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, lord of the two lands Sekhemkheperre-Setepenre, son of Ra, lord of the diadem, beloved of Amun, Osorkon, may he live for ever
2. (on this day) the fourth prophet of Amen-Ra, king of the gods, the king's son of Ramesses, chief of the Mahas and
3. leader Pashedbastet, true of voice, was walking about in the desert and there he found
4. a stela of the necropolis beside Ankh-tawy.
5. He cleared it and surrounded it with boundary stones, presented it with fields
6. and established for it daily offerings consisting of a divine offering of bread, beer, wine, incense, cool water (...)
7. for his lord Osiris, Khentyimentyu, lord of Abydos, throughout eternity.

the translation follows: Jacquet-Gordon 1967: 64


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