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Abu Ghurab (Abu Gurob) and Abusir
(2954' N 3112'E)

Abu Ghurab is the modern name of a site north of Abusir, where two sun temples of the Fifth Dynasty were found. Abusir (2953' N 3113'E) is the modern name of a village, not far from some pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty. Abusir is the findspot of the largest surviving groups of papyri from the Old Kingdom, from the administration serving the temples of kings the Fifth Dynasty kings Neferirkare and Neferefre.

the sun temple of Niuserre

excavated 1898-1901 by L. Borchardt and H. Schäfer for the then Königliche Museen, Berlin (royal museums Berlin)

the sun temple of Userkaf

the earliest sun temple known so far:

  • Ricke 1965 (excavation report on the architecture)
  • Edel 1969 (excavation report on the finds, including seal impressions, pottery, the head from a statue of the king)


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