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Instructions for VRML Setting

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You will need a VRML plug-in to view the 3D models. A free plug-in software (3.2MB) can be downloaded from Cosmo Software, if you do not have one already on your system.

Here is a brief instruction for the installation procedure of Cosmo Player, a VRML Plug-in software that enables you to see VRML contents with your browser. Please note that there are several VRML browsers and plug-ins available on the Internet other than Cosmo Player, and that you may find it more suitable to download a different software for your environment rather than following this instruction. For more information on VRML and VRML browsers, please go to VRML Consortium.

  1. Go to Cosmo Software Web site.
  2. In the Cosmo Player panel, select the type of operating system of your computer.
  3. Go through the check list and confirm that your environment meets the requirement (also indicated below).
  4. Enter your name and your e-mail address. (By doing so, you may receive update information on their browser from time to time.)
  5. Click download and save the file on your harddisk, somewhere you can easily remember.
  6. Close all applications running (this is important, because it may prevent the software to be properly installed and also because some systems require a restart of the computer after the installation).
  7. Click or double click the installation file to open it, and follow the instruction. Try support resources, if you have any problems.

Here are the minimal requirements for PCs

  Processor Memory Monitor Interface
Minimal requirement Pentium 75 MHz 16MB RAM 256 colors and a graphic card Keyboard
Recommended Pentium II / MMX or better 64MB DRAM SVGA and 8MB VRAM Mouse and keyboard

Here are the minimal requirements for Macs

  Hardware MacOS Memory Monitor Interface
Minimal requirement Power Macintosh 6100 7.6.1 / 8.0 16MB 16-bit colour Keyboard
Recommended 8100, G3 or better 8.1 or higher 64MB   Mouse and keyboard

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