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The Impact of 3D VR Reconstructions: Some Theban temples

Question - do the changes in the built environment come across clearly on the sequence of views of the site as it may have looked in each period?

A VRML model of the mortuary temples on the West Bank of Thebes (26.1MB)
(* All temples are from very different periods and are placed together to show their relative positions only.)

A selection of JPEG still images of the mortuary temples on the west bank of Thebes

Background information on some Theben temples

Comments on the model: The level of detail and accuracy varied from temple to temple, but the most difficult issue was that we did not know exactly when each temple was destroyed and which temples existed at the same period.

Evidence: The mortuary temple at Thebes were excavated by Petrie in 1896. Many of them were badly preserved. The reconstructions are based on better preserved temples in the same area.

Does the Theban question emerge from the pages?

Does the reconstruction help you learn about the site, or impose itself as reality?

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