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The Impact of 3D VR Reconstructions: Palace of Apries at Memphis

Question - impact of scale: the gateway blocks from Memphis belong to one of the finest ancient gateways - is this captured on the VRML model, or is the gateway in its different possible locations dwarfed by the Memphis palace?

A VRML model of the Palace of Apries at Memphis (41.1MB)

A selection of JPEG still images of the palace of Apries at Memphis

Background information on the palace of Apries at Memphis

Comments on the model: The reconstruction was straightforward, as the excavation records were detailed. What amazed me was the massive scale of the palace (a building that is some 160 metres by 107 metres and 16 metres high, standing on ntop of a 13 metre mound), which made the model way out of proportion in relation to the surrounding townscape.

Evidence: The reconstruction of the main palace is based on the results of the excavations. The reconstruction of the whole complex follows the idea that the so-called 'camp' was originally a palace complex.

Does the Memphis question emerge from the pages?

Does the reconstruction help you learn about the site, or impose itself as reality?

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